Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fat Quarters for Quilters!

Customers have been asking for fat quarters for a while now... so we are excited to start listing fat quarters on eBay!

Here is a translation for non-quilters out there.. a "fat quarter" is a quarter of a yard cut halfway through the cross-grain and the grain line... for a 22 inch by 18 inch retangle.

We are starting all fat quarter listings (or "FQ") auctions for an intial bid of $1.99. And for those who prefer to purchase buy-it-now, only $2.50 per FQ.
Not a quliter, but love to applique? You can use the better fabrics for your projects by purchasing fat quarters.
To see all the listings, please click here: ShuShu Fat Quarters

We will be uploading more listings daily so please check our listings!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ShuShuStyle Qualifies for eBay's Top Seller Status

We are so excited to qualify for eBay's Top Seller status! When I found out last night I nearly jumped out of my seat. That means our customers have been giving us great reviews.

vist our eBay store: ShuShuStyle eBay Store

This kind of recognition is making me excited to sell on eBay again. Selling on eBay has been very slow over the summer. Things are picking up.....very pleased with customers sewing again.

Please check out our eBay store and see some of our newest prints!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Corduroy is in!

Customers requested more corduroy and they are finally in! 21 wale cord with a nice hand.. perfect for apperal wear and kids wear!

Lots of colors in stock.... to see them all, here is a link to my corduroy eBay listings: 21 Wale Cord

If you don't want to purchase on eBay, just contact me and I can send you an invoice directly: