Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inexpensive Wall Coverings

With some of the great prints that came in recently, I was inspired to do something different. I picked up some inexpensive canvases at Michael's and covered them with fabric. I'm loving my new inexpensive wall coverings, and I can change the look easily as the seasons (or my mood) changes. If you can wrap a gift, you can cover a canvas. You need a heavy duty stapler. Staple one side, pull taught on the opposite side and staple.
Fold the ends in and staple tight and trim... it really is as easy as that!
You can find this print (and others) at
Happy creating!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Free Shipping on All Fat Quarters!

Great news! Free shipping on all Fat quarters on our website.
Choose the prints you want and you will find free shipping for all fat quarters in the shopping cart.
You may ask, what is a fat quarter? A fat quarter is literally a quarter of a yard, 22" x 18" piece. Quilters use fat quarters for their quilts and other quilting projects.
We want to encourage quilters and crafters alike to put together their own bundles, without worrying about aditional shipping fees.
So please check out and see some of our fat quarter prints!